The Fan TV Platform Helps Subscribers Find What’s On, Anywhere

Posted on February 1, 2016

Rovi announces the Fan TV Platform, a one-stop shop for entertainment discovery and content consumption, which consists of an operating system to power set-top boxes, a cross-screen suite of apps for consumer electronics platforms and devices, as well as APIs to complement existing discovery solutions or allow developers to build their own.

The only platform built to be modular, it also includes deep subscriber analytics, in addition to content and device management features.

The Fan TV Platform lets service providers, cable operators, OEMs and app developers tap into Rovi’s robust resources – its rich entertainment metadata, the company’s market-leading search and recommendations, and conversation services powered by the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine. The end-to-end solution enables them to offer consumers much more than a predictable way of finding out what’s on across live TV, video on demand (VOD), DVR and over-the-top (OTT) sources.

With the Fan TV Platform, users can use traditional search, voice search and personalized recommendations to seamlessly discover programming across multiple sources of content (VOD, OTT, broadcast, pay-per-view) within an elegant, immersive, intuitive experience across screens and devices.

Learn more about the Fan TV Platform:

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