Making Conversational Discovery a Reality

Posted on October 1, 2015

While voice interfaces aren’t new, initial command-based interactions haven’t always met consumer expectations. The next generation of voice interfaces goes beyond basic voice recognition to enable free-flowing conversational interactions that better understand how people speak to enable fast, accurate results. 

Rovi Conversation Services lets users speak naturally to quickly and easily search for and discover content. The system’s ability to follow natural conversations, perceive differences in meaning, follow when topics are switched or when pronouns are used, and to understand complex queries and negation are unique in the market. Built on the Rovi Knowledge Graph, the industry’s most robust source of dynamic entertainment metadata, responses take content, user behavior, context and situation into account to display relevant, personalized results.

Rovi Conversation Services provides effortless discovery that makes it easy and natural for users to find what they are looking for, helping to drive content consumption and consumer engagement.

Download this recording of a recent Fierce Cable webinar to learn some of the advantages to deploying voice recognition and activation technologies.