Playlisting Services, Part of the Rovi Music Discovery Platform

Posted on January 7, 2016

Rovi’s Playlisting capabilities deliver a tailored music experience to delight both “laid-back” listeners and those who prefer to carefully curate their music.

A part of the Rovi Music Discovery Platform, Playlisting Services uses a combination of powerful algorithms, manual curation and user data, and lets users:

  • Create “stations” on-the-fly using various types of seeds, including artist, album, track, or genre
  • Discover new favorites based on individual listening habits, current mood and evolving tastes, as well as what’s popular or trending  
  • Fine-tune playlists based on explicit likes and dislikes, or customizable levels of related artist similarity

Built on Rovi’s robust entertainment Knowledge Graph with metadata covering more than three million album releases and 30 million tracks worldwide, Rovi Music Discovery Platform’s Playlisting services takes content, context and user behavior into account to provide personalized and contextually relevant results.

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